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American Assyrians who return to their homeland would represent a link to the U.S., which the KRG could cultivate by supporting the foundation of this new Assyrian state. President Trump recently stated that persecuted Christians in the Middle East would be given priority as refugees. We understood there was a direct failure by the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton to protect this ancient community,” which traces its roots all the way back to the ancient Assyrian empire. Approximately 20,000 people lived in the 35 Assyrian villages in Khabur before the IS invasion, but only about 1,000 now remain, said Warde. Of those who left, many have emigrated to the United States, Australia and Canada. Before the start of the war in Syria in 2011, Assyrians made up around 30,000 of the 1.2 million Christians in Syria. Assyrians have been the victims of persecution for centuries, including the Assyrian genocide, in which the Ottomans killed at least 250,000 Assyrians during World War I. Iraqi Assyrians have 2 days ago & Pfoh: Biblical Narratives Archaeology and Historicity: Essays In Honour of Thomas L. Thompson, Solomon Archaeologists Find Assyrian Siege Ramp at Biblical City of Azekah . How did Sennacherib’s forces breach the Judahite defenses at Azekah in 701 B.C.E? It seems they repurposed the remains of a 1,000-year-old city wall, fashioning it into an attack ramp

The Acts of Solomon as a Neo-Assyrian Composition — part 2. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.. By Neil Godfrey . Filed under: Biblical Studies, Old Testament Tags: Niesiolowski-Span & Pfoh: Biblical Narratives Archaeology and Historicity: Essays In Honour of Thomas L. Thompson, Solomon Soldiers in Dwekh Nawsha, an Assyrian Christian militia, in Baqofah, Iraq, in August 2015. The town was opposite then Islamic State-occupied Batnaya at the time. The group's letter says the Assyrian people need Trump's support to enable them to return to their ancestral lands in Iraq and Syria. "We need your support to equip and train the Assyrians in Northern Iraq to defend themselves and their homes on their ancestral lands in the Nineveh Plains in a self-governed Assyrian province. The Chaldean Catholics of Michigan are a rare Middle Eastern community that has broadly remained supportive of President Trump over the past four years. With 95,000 voters, they could prove Eric Trump’s visit was the latest in a series of recent Trump campaign events that began June 14 with a Phoenix rally by the president. That was followed by visits by Donald Trump’s daughter

Chaldean Catholics. In Michigan’s final count, announced last week, Donald J. Trump won by a mere 10,704 votes.The key difference came from Detroit’s northeast suburbs, especially Macomb

President Donald Trump publicly mocked former Vice President Joe Biden for the size of his mask, and for the supposed overabundance of caution that he was showing... After the Assyrians

Tags: Assyrian Church of the East, Assyrian people, Assyrians in Syria, Chaldean Catholic, Christian,... They support this and they support Trump in doing this to Christians. All those who voted for Trump are patsies… he’s handing over US foreign policy to Israel and the KSA. Trump was of course quick to take credit for the victory. But this is a victory for the Rojava Kurds and their Arab and Assyrian allies, not for Trump. And it could paradoxically be very bad news for them, as they have now outlived their usefulness to the empire and could be betrayed to Turkish aggression. The Honorable Donald J. Trump President of the United States of America The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Washington, DC 20500. Re: The recognition of the Assyrian, Greek and Armenian genocide of 1915. Dear President Donald Trump: We the signers of this letter appreciate having the opportunity to address you, the President of the United More assyrians died under obama than Trump. Trump tried to scale down wars that directly impact assyrians. Maybe he hasn’t done anything explicitly for us but it’s a stretch to call him a threat when bush and obama were literally directly influencing the well-being being of many assyrians.

Assyrian civilization blossomed from 911 to 609 b.C., during what is called the Neo-Assyrian Empire. The empire reached its apex between 744 and 727 b.C . Under the reign of Tiglath-Pileser iii . The Neo-Assyrian period was a time of prolonged expansion, except for a few decades in the first half of the eighth century b.C ., during the reign of The official Page of Assyrians for Trump, is a call to action to rally Assyrian Americans to help re... The Assyrians portrayed King Hezekiah of Jerusalem, a principal enemy, as a coward quailing before the Assyrian might, as toothless as his god Yahweh, who failed to prevent the Assyrians from capturing 46 of his strongholds. Sennacherib sneered that Yahweh would prove to be as impotent as the gods of other lands that had already fallen (2 Kings Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Archaeology news: 'Horrific evidence' proves Bible right about cruel Assyrian armies ARCHAEOLOGICAL discoveries in the Middle East shed light on the cruel practices of the Assyrians and Eric Trump The 'Evangelicals for Trump: Praise, Prayer, and Patriotism' event with Eric Trump is set to take place Wednesday, Sept. 23 at the Dream City Church at 2 p.M. Doors open at 1 p.M Trump administration wants to deport more than 1,400 Iraqi nationals, most of who are Chaldean – Iraqi Catholics who saw Trump as a ‘savior’ but now feel ‘betrayed’ Assyria is the homeland of the Assyrian people; it is located in the ancient Near East. In prehistoric times, the region that was to become known as Assyria (and Subartu) was home to Neanderthals such as the remains of those which have been found at the Shanidar Cave.The earliest Neolithic sites in Assyria belonged to the Jarmo culture c. 7100 BC and Tell Hassuna, the centre of the Hassuna So, the term Assyria has long been considered to be a derivative term for descendant of Assur/Ashur/Asshur, grandson of Noah. Some Assyrian kings were named a version of Ashur (Rines GE. The Encyclopedia Americana: a library of universal knowledge, Volume 2. Encyclopedia Americana Corp., 1918 Original from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. The number of Assyrians now living in the United States and Mexico after being forced out of the cradle of Christianity in and around Iraq by Islamic extremists may soon exceed the number of their counterparts living at home, according to author Eric Metaxas... Polls Show the Trump Show Is Harming Trump; Emails Reveal Hunter Biden's Efforts And the king of Assyria carried Israel away unto Assyria, and put them in Halah and in Habor by the river of Gozan, and in the cities of the Medes” (II Kings 18: 9-11)... Netanyahu, Trump need David says Assyrians have been persecuted over and over again. It’s why some Assyrians are not opposed to President Trump’s travel ban that targets seven majority-Muslim countries. "It’s important for this country to protect its security interests, and for us as Assyrian-Americans it’s equally important, if not more important," says David. Trump ends his four years with record unemployment and debt — and without a plan to reduce either. AD. AD. Joe Biden is a socialist: Not even the Republicans have the nerve to make that argument Assyrians host Trump’s son in bid to promote untapped constituency. Joe Snell October 4, 2020 October 4, 2020. Assyrians for Trump hosted the son of US President Donald Trump in Phoenix on Sep. 23, less than two months outside of November’s presidential election, featured. Donald Trump’s family originates in Germany. The ancient historical record tells us that Germany’s oldest city, Trier, grew from an Assyrian colony founded on the site many centuries before Christ. According to the ancient history, a large band of Assyrians colonized … The Assyrians are an ethnic group divided into a variety of different Christian churches, and those churches vary dramatically in liturgy and structure, and even dictate identity (see Terms for Syriac Christians).The predominant Christian denomination among Assyrians in Turkey is the Syriac Orthodox Church, with their 15,000–20,000 followers being called Syriacs. For more information on 'Assyrians for Trump,' visit here. For more information on 'Chaldeans for Trump,' visit here. For more information on 'Firefighters for Trump,' visit here. For more information on 'German Americans for Trump,' visit here. And they shall waste the land of Assyria with the sword, and the land of Nimrod in the entrances thereof: thus shall he deliver us from the ASSYRIAN, when he cometh into our land, and when he treadeth within our borders. Micah 5:5-6. The antichrist figure opposes God in the end-times and is destroyed by the brightness of the Lord’s second coming. Mr. Trump, please help Assyrians to have a safe haven. As a president of the USA. Petition details. Comments. Updates. Reasons for signing. See why other supporters are signing, why this petition is important to them, and share your reason for signing (this will mean a lot to the starter of the petition). Politics Congress Donald Trump 2020 Election Tracker Extremism... The five Assyrian representatives in the Iraqi parliament are supine, the lone Armenian-Assyrian US Congresswoman has achieved nothing, and there are only two people lobbying for the Assyrians in Washington DC, as opposed to 100 lobbyists working on behalf of the Kurds. Interview with Assyrian researcher and activist Mr. Sam Issac Darmo, On American presidential election, and recent Eric Trump visit to meet with Assyrians for Donald Trump supporters camp in … The Trump Victory 2020 campaign is hosting an Assyrians for Trump Phone Bank on August 25, 2020 from 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm. Join us and fellow Trump Victory supporters to help re-elect President Donald J. Trump and Republicans! Your support is crucial to Keeping America Great in 2020. The Neo-Assyrian Empire marked the transition from cuneiform to the alphabet, from chariots to cavalry. Assyria’s political evisceration by its vassals and enemies was inevitable, as a agricultural society on the Malthusian margin can squeeze only so much marginal product out of so many for so long. On Wednesday, President Trump faces becoming the third president in American history to be formally charged with impeachment. Vallotton, who described "sovereign providence" as a season when God decides to simply take over, said the current political climate is ripe for such a move... They’re gonna make friends with the Assyrians who are President Trump heard on a flight to Michigan for a speech Thursday about the resurgent auto industry that his administration is deporting hundreds of the state’s Iraqi Christians who face persecution abroad — many of whom voted for him in his narrow victory there in 2016. By the time Air Force One landed in the battleground state, Mr. Trump had decided to take steps to allow the Chaldeans The original Christians of Syria are Assyrians, and not Syriacs that like to call them self's MFS, the real Assyrians in khabour, Tel-tamar and hassakah have been fighting with the YPG over land... Watch the moment President Trump dances to The Village People hit 'YMCA' at Ohio rally. Nowt like a proper send off now is there haha . Last Lap In the 2016 election, Chaldeans in Michigan voted for Trump in large numbers, not least because he and his running mate, Mike Pence, vowed to protect Christian minorities in the Middle East. Some even credit the community--roughly 120,000 strong--with helping Trump to win the state by fewer than 11,000 votes. Assyrian International News Service: On July 17, 2019, Iranian Assyrian human rights activist Dabrina Bet Tamraz was part of a delegation of survivors of religious persecution that met with United States President Donald Trump.. Her father Victor Bet Tamraz, her mother Shamiran Issavi, and her brother Rameil Bet Tamraz face lengthy prison sentences in Iran for charges related to the practice Trump inherited from Obama a dysfunctional strategy for countering ISIS, one that ensured ever-greater turmoil in the region and placed American forces in an impossible position. Assyrian Christians, also known as Syriacs, are part of the eastern Christian tradition and pray in Aramaic Inside the sixth century church in southeastern Turkey, dozens of Assyrian Christian women, men and children in their Sunday best attend a service, one of only a few held in their ancient homeland. "The Assyrian Christian conditions are much better than before; everyone is getting more hope in the rule of President Donald Trump" this statement was made by the president of Assyrian. The way the Trump administration is taking the matter seriously is helping to build the hope of the Assyrians and giving them the restoration they had once gotten.

Their language Assyrian – an Aramaic tongue – is one of the oldest in the world, with a history stretching back 5,500 years. Community groups say there are some 26,000 Assyrians living in Turkey.

The Assyrian people need Trump's support to return to their ancestral lands and remain a viable segment of the fabric of the Middle East, especially in Iraq and Syria, the letter says. "We need your support to equip and train the Assyrians in Northern Iraq to defend themselves and their homes on their ancestral lands in the Nineveh Plains in a self-governed Assyrian province. “The significance of having Eric Trump come to Arizona wasn’t just for Arizona, and it wasn’t just [for] the Assyrians here,” said Mona Oshana, the Arizona-based co-chair of Assyrians for Trump. “It was a validation that Assyrians are, in fact, a vital and significant electoral. We wanted to showcase that the Assyrians are active voters and we are, in fact, an untapped constituency that needed to be … Assyrians commemorate the 1933 slaughter of 3,000 Assyrians in Iraq on their Aug. 7 “Martyr’s Day,” but that history, too, is little known outside their community.

The number of Assyrians now living in the United States and Mexico after being forced out of the cradle of Christianity in and around Iraq by Islamic extremists may soon exceed the number of their counterparts living at home, according to author Eric Metaxas... Polls Show the Trump Show Is Harming Trump; Emails Reveal Hunter Biden's Efforts In 824 BC, the ancient Assyrian empire included most of modern Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon, as shown in the dark green color. Later, in 671 BC, Assyria had expanded to include modern Jordan, Israel, Kuwait, and the eastern part of Egypt. The rise of the antichrist in Assyria is … Crystal Kassab Jabiro, of Commerce Township, a member of the Chaldean/Assyrian advisory council, said she voted for Trump, but is now voting for Biden. She said she has been criticized in the The Assyrians are a people who have lived in the Middle East since ancient times and today can be found all over the world... Trump lifts protections for Tongass National Forest, allowing

Cops For Trump. President Donald J. Trump supports the men and women that wear a badge and represent the thin blue line that protects America. The radical left continues to demonize, disparage, attack and vilify cops. Our nation’s law enforcement officers leave for work every day not knowing whether they will return home safely. Opposition to abortion and perception of advocacy for Christian 'religious freedom' drives Trump support in Chaldean community... Chaldeans and Assyrians are Iraqi Christians native to northern An Assyrian hostage released by the Islamic State told the Assyrian International News Agency (AINA) that the group has prohibited them from returning to their homes despite setting them “free.” The terrorist group kidnapped over 300 Assyrians in Syria the last week of February. 'Shocking': Trump Is Criticized For Pulling Troops From Syrian Border Kurdish allies of the U.S. Say the president's decision is "shocking." Sen. Lindsey Graham says Trump is doing "EXACTLY what

Hillary Clinton has her Benghazi (2012); Donald Trump has his Syrian Kurds betrayal.In both cases, people – Kurds and Assyrians died or will die unnecessarily due to irresponsible decisions. President Donald Trump gave Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan the green light to invade Northern Syria, deserting the US Kurdish allies. Assyria first emerged 4,000 years ago as a mighty Semitic empire, ruling the expanse between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers that the Greeks called Mesopotamia ("between the rivers"). For 1,500 years, from their fabled capital in Nineveh, they battled Babylonia and Egypt for control of the Middle East. Germany's Assyrian Roots Throughout History. By COGwriter. Germany was the major force behind both World War I and World War II. For decades since WWII, it was seemingly content to mainly align with the international views of the USA and France. Yet, in the past few years, its increasing wealth has seemingly emboldened it to start to take more Trump described himself as Cejudo's "biggest fan," and thanked the athlete for his support of the campaign. Trump covered a wide array of topics in his 20-minute speech, spending much of the time President Donald Trump is struggling to convince Americans that he's the right man for the job, enduring record low popularity ratings during his first few months in office. The annual Pew

Related: Assyrians: Frequently Asked Questions. Now, on the eve of the U.S. Presidential election, this community with an estimated statewide population of 160,000 could be poised to play a key role in deciding who wins the White House. In 2016, Donald Trump won the state of Michigan and its 16 electoral votes in a shock victory by a tiny majority. Donald Trump is a danger to American democracy, and we cannot be convinced that we as Assyrians are safe. During an election year and a pande m ic, there is more unrest than ever in Trump’s...

5 Trump gets more negative ratings globally than Merkel, Xi or Putin. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is the only world leader included in the survey who receives more positive than negative reviews. Across the 37 nations polled, a median of 42% express confidence in her, while 31% say they lack confidence. Ratings for Chinese President Xi

Assyrians for Trump is a call to action to rally Assyrian Americans to help re-elect President Donald J Trump, fight to restore our censored voices, reinstate the …

Assyria. ISIS Video Shows Explosion Of A 3,000-Year-Old Assyrian Temple... Trump Campaign Hails Nobel Peace Prize Nomination With An Awkward Typo. Prosecutor Quits Trump's Law Enforcement Commission, Saying The Fix Is In. Trump's Administration Secretly Took Millions From FDNY's 9/11 … A most timely comparison of the ancient Assyrians with today's Islamists, similar to ISIS only when it comes to savagery and carnage. Joe David is the author of six books. His controversial new Trump insists on having the R.N.C. Still look on television like a “real convention,” with an audience component and a major role for himself... Assyrians for Trump, Chaldeans for Trump Ex-Trump adviser wants $1 trillion to save the economy. How Trump maneuvered his way out of trouble in Chicago... The Assyrians conquered Samaria, the capital of the northern Kingdom of Israel in 722/1BC, exiled the Hebrew population, and refounded the city as an imperial province. Presumably the Samarians' temple on Mount Gerizim was either L ast month, United States President Donald Trump invited world leaders to a rescheduled G-7 meeting to “be a great sign to all—normalization!” Most seemed eager to attend, until German Chancellor Angela Merkel shut it down. “As of today, considering the overall pandemic situation, she cannot agree to her personal participation,” German government spokesman Steffen Seibert told Politico.